Hi, this is my personal website, a sort of sketchbook where you'll find some visual notes.  

It's a space I like to share with friends and professionals, where I can relive some past moments that are an inspiration when I feel I lost my bearings .

A map of people, friends, travels, relationships and many other essential things about my relationship with time.

As far as I remember It all started in 1986 when I grabbed my mother's camera to take 36 horrible pictures of our house.

Soon after I got into music, fashion, code & calculators, writing, internet, finance, travels, digital stills, new economy, events, marketing, magazines, motion pictures, companies start-up, interaction design, creative direction. 

An absolute research which I experienced as a harmonic flow.

At the end, this is what I came up to. Yes at first sight it could seem only a confused archive of my memories. But if you look better, it actually tells my story, this really is me.